• Ola Gandelman


Living part of my adult life in Israel has put its mark on me. Countless words have been said about the situation, and for the longest time I felt bereft of them while staring at what was unfolding. And then I joined the wonderful “Woman Wage Peace” movement. “Women Wage Peace” is a broad grassroots movement and is not affiliated with any political party. Its members include women from diverse communities: left, center and right; religious and secular; Jews, Arabs, Druze, Bedouin; and many more.

Instead of talking about boycotts they talk about bridges and the movement’s ultimate goal is to bring about a mutually binding non-violent accord, agreeable to both the Palestinian and Israeli sides.

This dedication for peace and the unapologetic understating of the importance of a female voice in this situation are undeniably crucial in my view.

As part of this commitment I have donated several of my beloved paintings to the movement. As of this moment I know they are supposed to be auctioned at one or more official “Woman Wage Peace” future events. If you would like to purchase one of the paintings as a donation to the movement before the official events, please contact me at –

Please go and learn of these amazing woman and their hard work.

Picture credit - Bruce Shaffer


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